Patricia_MinchA typical “Army Brat,” by age nineteen I had lived in twenty houses located in half a dozen different states, in two countries in Europe, and in the Far East. As my family never, ever “wasted” accrued vacation time, I’d also traveled extensively beyond those places. My father aspired to go everywhere and see everything he read about in his many guidebooks. And where he went, we all went! A wild, exhilarating ride it was. My head swirls with stories.

A National Merit Scholarship finalist in 1958, I first attended the University of Texas at El Paso and then transferred to the University of California at Berkeley, California. Many years later, I took additional classes at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California, where I then spent thirteen years as a self-employed “scopist” (editor) for court reporters.

An avid genealogist, gardener, landscape designer, amateur architect, woodworker, and antiques collector/dealer, I am also wife, mother, and grandmother. I have written feature articles for local newspapers and recently received an honorable mention for “Writing Paisley,” my very first submission to a Writers Digest competition. I’ve also completed a book about my father’s experiences as a guerrilla in North Luzon in the Philippines during World War II, scheduled for publication in 2018. I currently live with my husband, a retired Air Force veteran and college instructor, in Northern California.